Record of School Achievement – student entries for Stage 5 courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content

ACE 3002

Last Updated: 14 October 2016

Entry procedures

When entering students who are undertaking courses based on Life Skills outcomes and content, principals are certifying that the student is eligible and the decision is the result of a collaborative curriculum planning process.

Where a school has a student undertaking a course based on Life Skills outcomes and content, the school informs BOSTES through the submission of entries on Schools Online .

Schools should ensure that the student's entry reflects their fulfilment of mandatory study requirements in each KLA. Any mandatory ungraded courses that have been satisfactorily completed will need to be added to the Record of School Achievement entry through Schools Online.

Supplementing courses from additional syllabuses

For students with particular needs, schools may need to draw on some of the Life Skills outcomes and content from additional syllabus(es) to supplement or replace those from the syllabus on which the course is predominantly based. In this situation, the student should be entered for the course from which the outcomes and content are predominantly drawn. The Life Skills outcomes achieved from additional syllabus(es) are reported through the Profile of Student Achievement. See ACE 4025 Profile of Student Achievement – procedures for Stage 5 for further information.

The student cannot be entered for any other course drawn from the same syllabus(es).