Board Developed Courses for Years 7–10
(Stages 4–5)

ACE 2001

Last Updated: 13 September 2016

A syllabus is available for each course developed by BOSTES

Life Skills outcomes and content are included in the syllabuses for all Board Developed Courses for Years 7–10 and each K–10 Language syllabus.

See ACE 2002 Years 7–10 Board Developed syllabuses for a list of available syllabuses.

See ACE 2003 Years 7–10 Board Developed syllabuses by key learning area for details of syllabuses available in each key learning area.

Content Endorsed Courses – Years 7–10

Content Endorsed Courses are developed by BOSTES to cater for the learning needs of students in areas of specific need not served by Board Developed Courses. Child Studies, Marine and Aquaculture Technology, Physical Activity and Sports Studies are Content Endorsed Courses developed by BOSTES and delivered by schools in Years 7–10.